Message from

Rep. Chris Latvala


Rep. Chris Latvala

Jordan’s tragedy was personal to me because he was one of my constituents. I remember exactly where I was when I received the Amber Alert on my phone.

After the details were revealed of his heartbreaking death, I knew I wanted to do something to help other kids like Baby Jordan. Less than a week after his funeral I met a 21-year-old constituent from Clearwater named Miranda who had obtained over 10,000 signatures for an online petition to reform Florida’s Child Welfare laws. I promised her I would sponsor a bill to honor Baby Jordan.

After my meeting with Miranda I met with experts in the child welfare field, foster families, law enforcement officers, judges, doctors, and other professionals to try to come up with ideas for my bill. The bill I filed in the Florida House and that Sen. Rouson filed in the Senate had four components that were central to not only Baby Jordan’s tragedy but to others in the Tampa Bay area and around the state. The bill passed unanimously in the Florida House of Representatives but the Senate chose not to take it up after it passed two committees. Their objection was more about personality and politics, not policy. No member of the Legislature that has heard this bill whether they are in the Senate or House has voted against this bill.

I will be filing Jordan’s Law again during the 2020 Session. This time I am asking for your help. Please sign the petition and contact your Senator to ask them to support “Jordan’s Law.” Lives of Florida’s children are at stake! We must do more to help our most vulnerable.


Rep. Chris Latvala